Reihan, Shaked, Wed 19.12.12, Afternoon

Mirla A. and Hanna H.

Translated by Dvora K.


Shaked CP - 1525

People and vehicles are going through in both directions. Despite all the money which was invested in paving roads for traveling inside the CP, the road leading to the West Bank is closed for some reason. A Transit that went through from the West Bank to the seamline zone is being inspected at length, but every time a military vehicle arrives (and for some reason today there have been a lot of them), all the doors of the Transit close and the driver has to reverse and make room for it. At one stage this caused a noisy argument with yelling that could easily have turned violent.


Reihan CP – 16.00

Two windows are in operation; people are allowed to enter the terminal in groups of 5-10. There are also families returning from Jenin, and then, of course, only one window takes care of the workers returning home. But all told the passage is quick.

16.30 - The stream of returning workers swells. On Wednesday afternoons, many Israeli students who are studying in Jenin, also return, loaded with bags and suitcases. Their return neutralizes the second window and causes crowding of the workers near the turnstile.

16.40 – There are four detaineesinfo-icon waiting for treatment. About sixty people crowd near the turnstile and additional workers keep arriving.