Habla, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 11.12.12, Afternoon

Petahya (reporting), guest. Translator: Charles K.

13:50 Habla gate. Almost no one there. As I stood under the canopy because it was raining a soldier approached and asked whether we were from Machsom Watch. I said yes. He began telling me that almost everyone had crossed and they’ll soon close the gate. I said that there are five minutes left and someone might still show up, and at that moment three Palestinians came running. He urged them to hurry. After they entered I asked him what time they close the gate in the evening; five-thirty, he said. I asked whether they open earlier; no, he said, they open it at five, half an hour is enough because it gets dark at four-thirty. I told him that’s a bad arrangement; what will someone do who arrives after five-thirty? He said they notify everyone crossing in the morning of the time the gate closes in the evening.


I telephoned ‘Adel at the DCO and asked him. He had no idea, but he thinks that no one continues working after darkness falls. He promised to check.


At 15:00 we reached Huwwara. A Hummer was parked at the entrance; soldiers stood alongside. We drove to the checkpoint, which was empty.


We returned via Za’tara; the checkpoint was manned but Palestinian vehicles weren’t being stopped for inspection.


15:40 The entrance to Marda. A military vehicle stood there, six soldiers standing next to it. No one else around.


16:00 We arrived at Azzun Atma. Not many laborers were there because some hadn’t gone to work due to the weather. There’s a large canopy and a metal corridor so that the laborers don’t get wet in the rain (at least that’s something).


16:30 We left.