Ruthy T, Yochi A.

Translation: Naomi Gal


It is cold and rainy. Turning from the main road to Anin checkpoint, we encounter a large group of men. A tractor and a wagon, too. We distribute bags of clothes and household items which we brought with us.

6:50 'Anin Checkpoint

Many men are crossing to the Seam Zone through the checkpoint’s gate. The line stretches for about 30 yards from the soldiers’ station.

Each one passes through the station for a brief inspection of documents. A tractor pulling a wagon arrives and a long discussion ensues between the soldiers and the owner of the tractor. Apparently the wagon is carrying more gallons of oil than the permitted quantity. Only 8 gallons are allowed. The man and his tractor must return to the village. We tell the soldier who is about to close the gate that the oil is the man's livelihood and that they should have let him pass. The soldier’s response is, of course, "these are the orders."

7:10we leave.

7:20 Tura/Shaked Checkpoint

The children just passed the checkpoint towards the school in Tura.

There are now covered passageways on the Tura side too.  We did not see how the children travelled. The traffic is scarce. Older students arrive and cross with no checking. It's a change from what we have seen in the past.

7:40we left.

7:45 Riehan / Bart’aa Checkpoint

At the exit from the checkpoint toward the Seam Zone there is a new bus station, covered, with a bench. The recycling bin is full of detergent containers. No wonder the checkpoint is shiny and sparkling clean.

Many people are crossing from the West Bank to the Seam Zone. One of the men tells us that there are numerous people in the terminal now and that it takes about ten minutes to cross.

On the road eight trucks with goods are awaiting inspection.

A private car with five passengers arrives. Two older men pass a permit through a crack in the inspection booth's window and immediately return to their car.

Two young girls and a young man are detained for a long time.  They have a photograph of the required document and only the intervention of R, the deputy checkpoint manager, enables their passage.

A garbage truck with two carts crosses to the West Bank. There is traffic today on both sides of the checkpoint.  9 cars emerge from the inspection station. The gate to the truck inspection area opens also and six trucks loaded with goods are crossing. We hear the dogs bark.

8:45we leave.