'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 19.11.12, Morning

Lea R. and Anna N.S. (reporting)


6:10  Agricultural CP A'anin


Since 0550 almost 100 men and women have gone through to the seamline zone. At the moment, about 30 people with permits are waiting for passage. Most of those going through are young, and are holding their first permits.

06:40  About 40 people have gone through the CP. We leave with the last of those waiting. 

There is a pile of earth at the side of the fence. What does this indicate? Do they intend to "improve things for them" here?


06:55  Tura (Shaked) CP

During the time of the olive-picking, the CP opened at 06:00, so that by this time most of the people had already gone through. Now those going through are mostly pupils and teachers. The students have textbooks in hand and are reviewing on their way to the CP.The children do not go through the sleeveinfo-icon or the pavilion. They pass the soldiers on the road on their way to the gate that leads to Tura.


07:30 New Barta'a (Reihan) CP

Routine of the occupation. Five pickup trucks with goods are waiting on the road up to the inspection. Until the hour that we left another two pickup trucks joined them. Now many people are going through in the direction of the Palestinian Barta'a; they are going to work or for other reasons. A few return in the opposite direction, coming from the night shift in the industrial zone. Passage is quick. People go through in fives, sometimes they have to wait for a few minutes in the sleeve if the terminal is too full. The lot is full of private cars, with drivers waiting to make a bit of a living who spend their time, most of it free time, in talk.

08:10  We left.