'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 26.11.12, Morning

Lea R. and Anna N. S. (reporting)


Translation: Dvora K.

6:30 Tura ("Shaked") CP

We reached the CP knowing that it was open since 06:00. A lecturer from the University of Nablus came with us; he was in a hurry to get to his goal in time. We were very surprised to discover that the CP was locked and closed with not a single soul in the area. On the other side, on the Tura side, we heard many voices. We called the DCO and to our surprise, were told that  olive-picking ended yesterday, and the CPs that served the farmers are now back to operating as usual, that is to say, beginning at 06:00 in A'anin, and at 07:00 at the Tura CP. We looked for some  notice on the fences with word of the change but there was nothing of the sort. As time passed, more and more people reached the CP, all of them surprised to find it closed. The lecturer was very upset. If he had known that the CP would open at 07:00, he would have gone through the Barta'a (Reihan) CP or would at least have notified somebody about his coming late. Other people who arrived toward the hour of 7:00 told us that they had come an hour ago, understood and .... returned home to wait.

At 07:00 the CP opened and the young lecturer jumped up and ran in. Luckily he was not detained and not punished for such inappropriate (!) behavior. After him the rest of those waiting went through from the seamline zone, including dozens of girl and boy students. All this time, dozens of workers waited impatiently on the Tura side; and shouts were heard from among them. When they did begin to go through the inspection procedures were  slow as if on purpose. They emerged from the CP after  long periods of time that were unnerving. We were told that the soldiers do not respect the workers' time; they chat among themselves. None knew that the CP would open an hour later today, and none was told about this. The soldiers also told us that they had found out only late the previous evening.

Wahl from the DCO claimed (on the phone) that the notification of the change in the hours of opening was conveyed to the heads of the local councils the evening before, and they apparently did not take the trouble to let their constituencies know. The list of names of those permitted to go through is in the hands of the soldiers and in the hands of the Palestinian Authorities; so what is the problem?

As noted, people left the CP nervous. The cold and the humiliation and the waiting without knowing why, exhausted  their patience. They asked that the CP continue to open at 06:00, so that unnecessary pressure, quarrels, and a waste of precious  time in the morning would be avoided..At seven, the passage is stressful, many go through in both directions including students, teachers and people who are supposed to be at work at a specific time. And every delay is nerve-wracking. We told all of this to Wahl, who promised to take care of it.


08:50 New Barta'a("Reihan") CP

Seven loaded pickup trucks are waiting on the road for inspection. In the direction of the West Bank, two taxis full of passengers are being inspected. The parking lot is full at this time. The passage is routine. There is nothing new. On the bridge, drivers are waiting for pedestrians, in order to make a few cents by driving them in the direction of the CP or in the direction of Ya'aved.