'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Sun 11.11.12, Morning

Yochi A., Ruthi T.

Translation: Bracha B.A.


06:45  A'anin Checkpoint

It is raining hard.  The Bedouin children from the family who lives below the checkpoint are waiting for their ride to school in Um Reihan.  We asked the soldiers if anyone from the village of A`anin  had come through the checkpoint on such a rainy morning.  "What do you think?"  Asked a female soldier rudely, and demanded that we keep away from the gate.  

A young man returns from the seamline zone after going through this morning, hesitates for a moment, and then approaches the soldiers to go back after considering the bad weather.  A large new Transit collects the children. 


07:00  Shaked – Tura Checkpoint

The same Transit which brought the children from A'anin arrives carrying adults, perhaps students or teachers.  The small children arrive in a blue Transit and cross the checkpoint along the road, rather than the sidewalk and through the sleeveinfo-icon as all the others do.   They are not checked.  The driver of the Transit goes to be checked, comes back, his vehicle is checked casually, and he continues on his way to the school in Tura.  The school principal manages to restart his infamous car again and drives away.  


07:30 – Reihan Barta'a Checkpoint

We entered the Palestinian parking lot which was completely full, and gave away some of the bags of used clothing we had brought to Hadi, who runs the refreshment stand.  Hadi supports his parents and his brother, after his father was injured in an accident.  People pass through the gate with heartbreaking obedience, in groups of five.  A dozen trucks loaded with fresh bunches of radishes are waiting on the road.  We drive on to Emricha and give more bags of used clothing to two families, who kiss us gratefully.  


08:00 – Dotan Yaabed Checkpoint

Apparently the checkpoint is being manned by reservists.  They approach us and ask us if we need help.  The traffic is heavier going east towards Area A, while traffic going west is checked quickly and continues on its way. 


08:30 – Reihan Barta'a Checkpoint

Some of the trucks have already driven up to be checked.  Workers are being picked up quickly in taxis coming from Barta'a.  We pick up Hani, a little boy about two years old, who is recuperating from a rare form of cancer, to be examined at Rambam Hospital.  His father has no permanent permit and receives a permit for only one day at a time. Recently the child was running a fever and needed to taken urgently to the hospital, but his father was not permitted to go because he had no permit. We heard that people conducting illegal business with hospitals in Israel had caused the authorities to be stricter and to withhold permits from innocent people who need them.