Bethlehem (300), Fri 16.11.12, Morning

Efrat B., Claire Oren - Translation: Bracha B.A




There was an extremely long line at the beginning of our shift.  Two inspection positions were open.   There is evidently a problem with the turnstiles for the third and fourth posts, and they are therefore not open.  Eventually an officer opened the gate in the middle and stood there, inspecting the Palestinians' permits.   The crossing was faster than usual when checks were conducted from the usual inspection positions.  Within ten minutes the line had disappeared.  .From that point on only a few people arrived.

International volunteers informed us that only one sleeveinfo-icon was open on the Bethlehem side of the checkpoint, and that there was a long line of 170 people who passed through one by one.  We saw a lot of high-ranking soldiers and policemen, but everything was very quiet and no Palestinians were sent back.   A few women also crossed the checkpoint.  At one point several children crossed with a young man who was perhaps less than 40 years old) who presented a special permit.  Evidently this was a humanitarian matter.