Bethlehem (300), Etzion DCL, Fri 12.10.12, Morning

Efrat B. Clair Oren , Naomi Gal translation


Three windows are open; there are no lines, except in the beginning of the shift.

Only a few children arrived, and they all passed.

Think about the situations these young children have to cope with! 6 children arrived unaccompanied. The oldest sister (11-12 years old) placed all her siblings next to the checking station, handed each one of them their permit, and with the help of the oldest brother (probably 10 years old) made sure they all pass in an orderly manner. Once the entire family had passed, the three younger ones began running around and jumping but quickly scampered back to their older sister and gave her the permits…

The shift was uneventful. Just after 10:30 the place was deserted and the window closed.