Rachel H., Noah L.

Translation: Yael Basis-Student


 Tura-Shaked 07:30-07:50

The checkpoint is wide open, The sleeveinfo-icon is covered by an awning but there are hardly any people coming or going.

The site is deserted; apparently due to the olive picking season the gate opens earlier and at this time most people had already gone through.

We left.


08:00-08:50 Reihan-Barta'a

The checkpoint is as busy as usual. Those coming out while putting their belts back on, curse. It turns out that there are many people insidethe terminal.

Passage took an hour (!). We were unable to find out what had caused the delay.

While we were there we saw a steady stream of people coming out, and towards the end of our shift the pace has increased.

A small child came with his father to escort his mother and sister on their way to the West Bank. He had changed his mind later and wanted to go with his mother, but they had already gone through and now would have to go all the way back through the checkpoint to pick him up. The child gave in.

Oh, what a wonderful checkpoint.