Bethlehem (300), Thu 4.10.12, Afternoon

Shlomit S., Ora A.

Translator:  Charles K.



14:15  The waiting room was empty.  A group of worried men stood outside; they said they’d been waiting a long time for a relative who’d been called to meet with the Shabak, had gone in but hadn’t yet emerged.


A man who’d received a magnetic card came out.  He said that about a dozen people were waiting inside.


Many people arrived.  All were admitted immediately, but no one emerged for a long time.  An elderly man who was waiting for relatives who hadn’t come out complained that “again the soldiers aren’t working.”  We telephoned the humanitarian office and people began to come out.


A young man arrived with a sick boy who’s being treated at St. John hospital in Jerusalem.  The father said he’s very worried that his travel permit to Jerusalem won’t be renewed.  He emerged after a short time.  He’d received an extension but only for a week.  Next week he’ll have to come back for another extension.