'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Sun 4.11.12, Morning

Mirele, Ruthi (Reporting)

ranslation: Bracha B.A.



06:45 – A'anin Checkpoint

We met F. to get a container of olive oil for our friend Raya.  We asked him about the new checkpoint that is about to open for the residents of A'anin who wish to harvest the olives from the groves on the hill to the right of the checkpoint.   F. claims that the residents of A'anin prevented the checkpoint from opening, since they were not able to commit themselves to crossing through it on a daily basis and the checkpoint would not be used sufficiently to warrant opening it.   F. explained that the olive yield was low this year because the trees were damaged by material that was sprayed on the nearby forests by the JNF.   This matter needs to be investigated.  

By 07:00 it appears that everyone who had arrived at the checkpoint has already crossed.    A young man gallops across the checkpoint on a donkey and stops near us to make a phone call and to have his picture taken.   It is time for the soldiers to lock the checkpoint, but they are in no hurry.

07:05 – Shaked-Tura Checkpoint

The school principal, the banker, and a few workers cross, and about 20 children arrive in a blue transit at 07:20 as usual.  They cross the checkpoint on foot (see photograph) and walk along the road rather than through the sleeveinfo-icon and cross without being checked.  At 07:40 the transit returns and picks up the teachers to take them to school in Um Reihan.  Three 14-year-old boys are sent to the inspection booth and return in a minute or two and take a shortcut through the field to the school in Tura. 


07:55 – Reihan Barta'a Checkpoint

Today we observed the checkpoint only from the seamline zone side.  About ten women students and mothers with babies are going to the West Bank.  They present documents and permits at the booth.    They are followed by a car with a woman driver and passenger.   They are told to open all the doors and the hood.  The driver is extremely agitated, says: "I am a doctor!" and is in a hurry to get to work.   Her car is meticulously checked by a female worker who is guarded, wearing protective clothing, and holding a flashlight.    A small truck arrives with a young family and crosses without being checked.  We descend the sleeve to the entrance to the terminal.  N., a striking Druze man with a thin face and large mustache, is in the high guard position on the side of the hill.   We usually meet him in the center of the checkpoint and ask him what he is doing there.  He answers happily, "I'm floating in the clouds."   He then conducts a conversation above us with R., the vice-manager of the checkpoint, about stone throwing.  R. goes behind the sleeve and strikes up a friendly conversation with Mirele. 

Both of them are kibbutzniks.  A house wares salesman from Barta'a complained that he had been inside the terminal for half an hour.  He feels they are working slowly.   Others agree with him and explain that it is crowded, and complain that: "there are lots of people inside."  Someone comes out and asks jokingly if there was a power failure because the gatesinfo-icon were closed.  At 08:50 the gates were open again.