Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Wed 7.11.12, Morning

Raya, Hagit S. (reporting), Orit (guest)


Translator:  Charles K.


Again we decided not to go through the Tarqumiyya crossing because of how we’re treated on our way back.


Southern Hebron Hills

Road repairs at the entrance to Asahael.  The laborers are Palestinians, despite the fatwa forbidding them to work in the settlements and along the fence.

An armored police vehicle has stopped two settlers.  We didn’t stop.

We drove through A-Tawwani and were very impressed by the village’s development – many buildings, attractively painted.  We glimpsed Nasser next to his home.

Highway 317 is pretty empty.  The olive harvest seems to have ended in most of the groves.



Kiryat Arba – There are still signs of life on Giv’at Avichai (a car, and other things…).


Beit Hameriva [house of contention] has been transformed into Beit Hashalom [house of peace]; at least, that’s what the sign now says.


In a number of locations in Hebron the entrances to houses are decorated with colorful slogans in honor of those returning from the Hajj to Mecca.

The roads near the Cave of the Patriarchs have been renewed and well-marked.  It’s not clear who’s responsible.  The Hebron municipality?  Kiryat Arba?  The Cave of the Patriarchs?

Many tourists at ‘Abed’s shop; he has no time to talk (just to offer tea/coffee and sell souvenirs…).  We also managed a short visit with Azzam and to the grocery across the street.


We returned via Highway 60 which was pretty empty now as well.  An observation balloon floats overhead.


The Meitar crossing is a pleasure compared to Tarqumiyya.