'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 1.11.12, Afternoon

Tsafrira Z., Neta G. (reporting)


14:50 – A'aneen

About 15 men and one woman are waiting to cross to the village.

Soldiers are already on site and they open slightly earlier (15:00). All go through within minutes. This is the olive picking season and the gate is open until 16:30, so there is no reason to hurry.


15:15- Shaked-Tura checkpoint

No one crosses into the Seam Line zone at this time. Three cars go through in the direction of the West Bank, Inspection is swift.


15:40 -Reihan-Barta'a, the side of the Seam Line zone -

To our surprise, there are relatively more workers returning home at this early hour, among then our friends, the seamstresses, who are returning from Barta'a to various villages at the West Bank.

At one point a line is formed, another window opens and the line vanishes immediately.


16:20 A'aneen

We came back to see if people do take advantage of the late closing of the gatesinfo-icon. One tractor with three people on board, as well as an elderly person, crossed at this time.