Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Sun 21.10.12, Morning

Lea S. Yael A., Paula R. (reporting)


Translator:  Charles K.


Yael A., who hadn’t participated in a shift for a long time, wondered when it had ended what I’d put in my report, since nothing had happened besides the round-trip to Hebron.  Here’s my report about what didn’t happen.


We left at 07:30.  We didn’t go through the Sansana-Meiter crossing because the laborers had already come through.  Highway 60 was pretty congested with Palestinian vehicles.  The army was represented by the observation balloon overhead and occasional military vehicles on the road and the low hills.



No detaineesinfo-icon at the checkpoints.  We saw no soldiers at Beit Hameriva/Beit Hashalom [Literally: The House of Contention or, as renamed by the settlers: The House of Peace) -- the building the court had allowed settlers to occupy, but we saw clearly how the checkpoint next to it would make movement even more difficult for the Palestinians.

‘Abed’s shop opposite the road up to the Cave of the Patriarchs was still closed at 09:30.


The soldiers’ emplacement on Shuhadeh Street has been moved, lengthening the fenced path through which Palestinians must pass.


On our way back we were surprised that Nabil’s grocery, at Zif junction, was also closed (because of the elections?  Trouble making a living?)




After reading the report from the last general of MW meeting(in which I didn’t participate), and considering what Yael A. was wondering about – what are we doing here when nothing happens, and even when something does happen – I believe it’s important to get out of the car and stand next to the checkpoints, facing the soldiers, and by our presence make them wonder and question.  And by our presence there, it’s worth noting, indicate to the Palestinians that there’s a group of women who understand and who oppose the occupation.  If we can sometimes help meet a request or answer someone’s question, that’s a bonus which has a long-term effect.  If I didn’t believe that I wouldn’t get on the first train from the center and make the long round-trip.