Mevo Dotan (Imriha), Reihan, Shaked, Sun 7.10.12, Morning

Mirla and Ruthy T. (reporting and taking pictures)


1.Cילדי דהר אל מלכ בדרכם לבית הספר בטורה, מעבר למחסוםhildren from Daher-el-Malech on their way to school in Tura.

2.Checkpoint veterans , the goats, go through to the pasture in the seamline zone.

3.Pita bread is being baked on red hot stoneS in Barta'a.


6:57 Shaked / Tura

The gatesinfo-icon are open. By 07:40 ותיקות המחסום, העזים, עוברות למרעה במרחב התפרeverybody has gone through: the workers, the teachers – men and women, the elegant banker, Yousef who used to drive the children, the shepherd with the goats, the school principal in his battered car, and the children of Daher-el-Malech who, for some reason, do not walk on the sidewalk,  wher the sleeveinfo-icon is, but on the road; they stand still in front of the checkpoint bar and wait for a signal. Some of them are asked to show their school bags and some are waved through.

פיתות נאפות על אבנים לוהטות בברטעה

7:45 Mavo-Dothan / Ya'abed

The CP is manned. From time to time there is a queue of three cars. Two smiling soldiers approach us. They tell us about Israelis who made terrible mistakes on the road and found themselves in Area A. One of the soldiers declares, speaking with a fluency which could not be interrupted, about his love for the Land and his devotion to the IDF. To his great surprise, as usual, we make a declaration of our patriotism and ask him never to forget that he has been sent to the CP as a soldier of an occupying army. "If I thought that this is an occupying army I wouldn't have joined. This is all

ours. What, haven't you read the Bible?"


8:15 Reihan/ Barta'a

This morning, everybody here is happy except one taxi driver, in the upper parking lot on the side of the seamline zone; he usually drives patients from Barta'a to the hospital in Jenin. He claims that when the person in charge of the CP, Sh., is not around, it takes him an hour to go through the vehicle inspection, instead of a few minutes. "Those who work here play around and laugh," he says.