'Anata-Shu'afat, Qalandiya, Thu 11.10.12, Morning

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Judy E. and Sheila B
 We arrived at Qalandiya at 06:10.  Both the  pedestrian and vehicular lines although long, were   moving at a reasonable pace.  We have concluded that the tensions, long lines, and  frustration continue to be problematic due less to the inefficiency, in our opinion,  but more to the facility itself which is simply ill suited to the growing numbers of those using the checkpoint.
 We arrived at Anata at about 07:40.   We were too late to see the children getting on the buses.  The adults seemed to be moving through quite quickly.  The place itself, however, is very dirty. We understood that the Jerusalem Municipality is charged with maintaining the area and if this is indeed the case, they need to be more vigilant and aware.  The atmosphere is more open and friendly, however, since the checkpoint appears to be more efficiently run.
We would like to note that the post office which was supposed to open at this checkpoint has not yet been set up and the residents must still go into the city to get their mail as there is no delivery service in Anata itself.