'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 4.10.12, Morning

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Zafrira Z., Neta G. (reporting)

05:50 Anin Checkpoint
The soldiers have already opened the checkpoint’s gatesinfo-icon. They are checking the people who are passing from the village to the seam zone at the lower gate, closer to the village, farther away from us. We are told that close to 100 people are waiting there.

We are told as well that two youngsters with valid permits were not allowed to pass. We called the DCO and they said the youngsters should call themselves. We passed the request on, but we don’t know if eventually they were allowed to pass. One of the young men says that his father, 65 years old, the owner of the land, has no permit to go to his land in the seam zone. Another one says that in view of the olive harvest the “whole village” got permits. During olive harvest the checkpoint will be open every day (half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the afternoon) and not just twice a week. They haven’t yet announced the date of the harvest.
At other times, harvest season is an ongoing family happening: men and women, old people, youngsters and kids join the harvest, sometimes staying overnight in the field, cooking and eating outside. The Occupation rules have stopped this tradition.

Two Bedouin come up from their encampment at the foot of the checkpoint. We ask about the children - that haven’t been seen lately, how do they get to school? We are told the kids take another route and arrive on foot at the school which is in Um Reihen. It takes them about an hour to an hour and a half. Their parents have no money for transportation. What will happen in the winter, with the rain and mud?

07:05 not everyone has passed yet.


07:15 Shaked – Turah Checkpoint
The construction work at the checkpoint is done and the various awnings are all in place. Lights and barrier handles are already functioning. Construction materials are still lying around, so the last brick hasn’t been laid yet. To be continued. The investment in improving and beautifying this small checkpoint is highly exaggerated. A lot of money was wasted here.
Activists are arguing loudly in the waiting shed. A soldier approaches with a drawn weapon. He spits on the road.

Many people huddle in front of the inspection booth, waiting to pass into the seam zone.

08:00 Everyone has passed.

A colorful Chabbad vehicle passes by, harnessed to a cart with a portable Sukkah from which loud music streams. One of the Palestinians thinks we are enjoying the celebration, and is angry with us, saying it does not fit our tag (on which, among other things, is says "No to checkpoints ... Women for Human Rights ...") we really DID NOT enjoy it. The Chabbad are granting the soldiers mitzvoth. Two of them approach us and offer us to say a blessing, never understanding why we refuse.


08:20 Reihan – Barta’a
The Palestinian parking lot is filled to capacity with private vehicles of Palestinians who come here from across the West Bank and particularly from the north, to work in the eastern part of Barta’a, located in the seam zone beyond the checkpoint and the separation wall. We park on the road. More people arrive in taxis and vanish into the terminal. The kiosk in the shed prospers; the young owner has already purchased an old car. In the front he wrote in Hebrew, There's no one like Mom, and on the back side is his name.He again told us that he has to provide for his mother, father and five younger siblings after his father, a taxi driver, was badly hurt in a car accident. Sad.

08:45 We are leaving. Six loaded trucks and four private cars are waiting on the main road.
The Security guard in the booth requests that in the future we avoid parking on the road. She is right.