Qalandiya, Wed 19.9.12, Morning

Roni P., Rivka P.; Amos P. (guest)


Translator: Charles K.


05:20 Many people waiting on line, hurrying to work after our holidays, aware that another two-day closureinfo-icon will be imposed for Yom Kippur. It’s important to be here and report. 1,930 laborers crossed between 05:00 and 07:30; at the beginning it took 30 minutes to get through, but between 06:00 and 07:00 it could take more than an hour. The army is pleased ; we see, and the entire world photographs, what happens during these two hours.


Some people lost their patience around 06:00, and the line was no longer straight and orderly; there was now confusion, congestion and shoving. A man about 50 years old showed the DCO officer a letter from a physician; he said he’d waited on line but as soon as the congestion and crowding began he got out of line because he has heart trouble and has to be careful. He asked to go through the humanitarian gate. We had an interesting conversation with the officer. We asked him what his job was – to serve as an additional policeman at the checkpoint, or take care of problems people have at the checkpoint, and whether he’s authorized to allow that man to go through the humanitarian gate. We don’t know whether the officer spoke with his CO, but were happy to learn that the man eventually crossed through the humanitarian gate.