'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 3.9.12, Morning

Leah R. Ana N.S.

06:15 – Aaneen

The checkpoint opens at 6 am and traffic streams along.

Soldiers inspect those who cross below, between the main checkpoint and the lower one, where we are unable to see anything.

Most of those crossing are youngsters.

Food bags which the soldiers view as commercial quantities are not allowed through and their owners have to decide whether to leave them behind or not to cross.

Toward seven o'clock Bedouin children get on the passengers' vehicles and so do the rest of the workers.

The DCO vehicle is nowhere to be seen.


07:10 – 07:30 Tura (Shaked) checkpoint

A few scores of people walk through, including teachers, clerks and pupils. The latter ones walk towards the inspector with their school bags wide open and the soldier inspects them. Drivers leave their vehicles and walk to the cabin, return to the vehicle and drive it to another inspection before they can continue on their way.

A few minutes after our arrival the DCO vehicle arrived as well.


07:40 – Barta'a (Reihan) checkpoint

At this time many of the Bata'as merchants, as well as workers from the Shahak industrial zone, arrive in taxis and other vehicles.

The Kiosk, run by the smiling Hady, serves morning coffee to drivers who wait for passengers and for a better future.

The praying corner is marked by a rope; there is a carpet on the floor and prayer books on the banister.

Cars going into the West Bank wait, the driver are outside. Trucks are being inspected.


08:30 – We left.