'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 30.8.12, Morning

Neta Golan and Shula Bar (reporting)


Naomi G. translation


Anin 6:10-6:45 AM
On our way to the checkpoint Shafiq Abu Jihad stops us, says “Here” and gives us a package of almonds

from his trees.


A large crowd is waiting at the checkpoint. Many new permits stand there and the soldiers try  to control the chaos created by their owners, who haven’t yet understood the procedures of checkpoints and occupation and want to pass to the other side as fast as possible and NOW! In an attempt to control the impatiens, a soldier collects their ID’s and permits and calls them one by one in his own sweet time. The usual shift of 30 minutes is not enough this morning, the crossing to the other side creeps to an hour. Toward the end of our watch the soldiers have to summon four at once.
Our friend Mahmud tells us that last Monday afternoon, while crossing the checkpoint back to the village, they were all allowed to pass at once, no checking.


Checkpoint Shaked 7; 05-7:20AM

Passing from one side to the other is slow, but still runs smoothly: cars and pedestrians pass in few



Dotan Checkpoint 7:35-8:05AM

A military vehicle stands in the middle of the checkpoint, no soldiers in sight, they are busy

maneuvering. Later on, passing from one side to the other proceeds in unexplainable intervals, and creates a line of waiting cars on both sides of the checkpoint.


Reihan Checkpoint  8:15AM

It seems as if crossing the checkpoint works seamlessly. Cars with agriculture merchandise are waiting on the road and in the parking lot on the Palestinian side. Taxis await clients at the upper parking lot. 

It took more time to wiggle out of the crowded Palestinian parking lot than it did to turn around and see what’s going on.

 Everywhere we go Palestinians accept us as part of the landscape of checkpoints, occupation, the reality imposed upon them. They smile politely, but after so many years I still can’t athom what exactly is our role in this play?