'Anata-Shu'afat, Qalandiya, Sun 5.8.12, Morning

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Ronny P., Judith L. (guest)


Translation: Judith Green




We arrived a few minutes after 5:00 and were surprised to see so many people standing inline during Ramadan.

The man from EAPPI, with the help of his friend on the other side of the checkpoint, measured the time required to wait, and said it was about 25--30 minutes.  Apparently, during Ramadan it is important for the authorities for everything to function peacefully.

A short story:  We met a man who told us that his father, a merchant, used to meet with Moussa Dayan and take him on trips.  Thus he met, and remembers very well, Yael Dayan.  He lives in Shuafat Camp.  He asked us to get him in touch with Yael Dayan.  He was promised other things by machsomwatch women, and he was hoping that we could make this connection.  I decided to try to  help him.

I found Yael Dayan's email and she immediately responded.  Unfortunately, she is not well enough to come to the Kalandia checkpoint and meet him.  However, her daughter knows Arabic and she will make contact with him!



It is important to visit there frequently to remind ourselves of the daily reality of dozens of Palestinians whom we in Jerusalem meet in the city at the health clinics, restaurants, offices, municipality, shops and garages.  They live with us, live next to us, have IDs similar to ours.  It isn't enough to say that the Israeli people doesn't want to know.  It is important for us to now and be more closely acquainted.