Reihan, Shaked, Sat 11.8.12, Morning

Noa Lavid and Rachela Hayut (reporting)




07:30 Shaked CP

Traffic is very thin. One car and a few pedestrians. The driver of the car returns from inspection, takes two packages of empty egg cartons out of the car and leaves them in the shed. He drives off in the direction of Tura before we have a chance to ask him about it. A sergeant approaches us ('Barak' unit of the artillery). He courteously asks how we are, asks us to stand near the shed so as not to be endangered by the cars going through the gate. He explains that people who are forced to wait for inspection are in a hurry, and perhaps even nervous. Afterwards, he suggested that we enter the CP. When we asked if his invitation also includes the inspection hut, he said that is the domain of the military police and he has no authority. "But there is nothing there, only a post and an x-ray machine …. Here people are calm. We know them, they go through every day, there is no danger …."

Where is there danger?

We parted amicably.

After him, five soldiers came up to us (four men and one woman who told us she is in the regular army). They also wanted us to understand that the CPs are necessary and that their guarding our homes should be valued highly. The conversation with them strengthened our faith in the educational systems that succeed in conveying 'truths' about the character of all the Palestinians no matter who they are, and a belief in the peace-seeking ways of the IDF. 08:00 We left.


08:15 Reihan CP

Here, too, there is very little traffic. There are many Transits waiting for clients.

Many of those who emerge arrange their belts after passing through the magnometer inside the terminal The corridors of the terminal also look empty.


09:00 We left.