Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Mon 13.8.12, Morning

Hagit (reporting and photographing)


Translator:  Charles K.



Ramadan and August don’t go well together at all…It’s hard to see holiday joy – everyone’s faint from the heat.


Southern Hebron Hills

Today we saw the occupation routine, nothing unusual, nothing happened, other than an IDF jeep we saw coming out of Area A near Dahariyya – isn’t it violating the prohibition on Israelis to enter this area, as stated on the red signs?!  Are they allowed to do whatever they wish?  And what are they looking for in Dahariyya?


I heard the usual complaint – justified, of course, though we’re not able to help – about an application for an entry permit to Israel that was denied, this time from a produce merchant.


A sign in the Southern Hebron Hills warning about a firing range – but only in English and Hebrew!  The only people living in the area are Palestinians who speak Arabic, but there’s no text in Arabic.



A new guard post has been built for the soldiers on the roof of Beit HaMeriva.

The police abandoned their post at the other building (Beit HaMachpela) that the settlers declared they owned.

A soldier and policeman “taking it easy” on duty in Shuhada Street.


Sansana-Meitar crossing

On our way back we saw laborers starting to come home through the Meitar checkpoint, leaving work early because of Ramadan.  Those on foot who want to enter Israel come through the vehicle checkpoint.