'Anin, Reihan, Mon 30.7.12, Morning

eah R., Anan N"S


06:15- Farming checkpoint at A'aneen

 Only a few go through, perhaps is has to do with  Ramadan, or due to the heat.

People report that no one was sent back and inspection is as usual and passage is routinely. After searching their bags they are sent off. All together about 25 people had gone through.

At 06:30 the last of those waiting at the gate had crossed over and we leave.


06:45 The new Barta'a checkpoint

About seven pickup trucks wait on the burning hot  road at this early morning hour and they still wait there after we leave, an hour later.

Here too the checkpoint is desolated,  only a few cross over and even less return.

Drivers appear bored, they are hot and wait is their cars (for what? For whom?).

We were told that the Seamstresses had crossed the gate earlier this morning, on their way to work at Barta'a.

One of the drivers tell us that he hosts in his home, his expanded family from Jordan, the house is noisy and he is happy. He is originally from the Bedouin village of Amricha a few years ago he dared to add two floors to his house that were demolished by the IDF claiming that he didn't own the land. He later moved to ya'abed where he was permitted to  build his new home.

8:00 – We leave, giving a ride to a sick person to the hospital.