Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Sun 8.7.12, Morning

Lea S. Paula R (reports)


Translator:  Charles K.




Sansana-Meitar crossing. 

Empty.  The crossing is again closed from 7 AM because of sewage problems that haven’t been solved.


Khirbet Tawwani. 

We went there because we were told that the military escort for the summer camp children arrives late.  It was half an hour late; the children marched energetically in the heat that began to be oppressive.



The Border Police are now stationed also at an alley before Curve 160, where there's therefore a new checkpoint.

A man who’d come with a truck to carry out renovations at the checkpoint opposite the police station explained he has a permit from the commander to go through.  The soldiers told him to wait for the commander to arrive.  “I know Hebrew.  Hebrew is a very nice language,” he grinned in surprise at my attempts to stammer in broken English.

The Border Police soldiers were alert; they tried to arrest Muhammad.  It’s good we were near the police station; the commander calmed the diligent soldiers.

 Pharmacy checkpoint. 

A group of people must wait near the revolving gate; after a while they’re permitted to go through the booth, but when they exit their belongings are again carefully inspection