Reihan, Shaked, Tue 31.7.12, Morning

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Leila S., Hanah H. (reporting)


6:00 – 7:35


6:00 – Reihan  

We go down the sleeveinfo-icon and opposite us many workers go up buckling their belts while rushing to the waiting transportation.

We're told that due to the Ramadan fast there are people who arrive later than usual, causing crowding at the terminal, by the machine.


6:40– Pressure at the terminal subsides.


7:00  Shaked checkpoint

Gatesinfo-icon are open, but we're inside a surreal mute photo. About 20 people stand quietly by the carousel, 2 soldiers sit idle inside the shed, an herd of sheep couching by the gate, the only thing that makes a sound id the generator.


7:10– A motion begin, The donkey and the herd are inspected and go through. Workers still wait.


7:15– The first worker gets out to the Seam Line zone. It turns out that today the computer 'refused' to work.

Passage of pedestrians is slow.

There are only a few crossing over on both sides.


7:20-  Three cars drive through to both direction, passage time is about 10 minutes.


7:30– Not all had gone through yet.