Reihan, Shaked, Tue 17.7.12, Morning

Lila S. and Hanna H.

Translator Dvora K.


6.00 – 7.40


6.00 Reihan CP

Workers who arrived at the CP early are sitting in the upper parking lot and complaining that in the morning, during the first hour, the passage is very slow. There are long delays near the x-ray machine. "Yesterday and today were very bad."

At 6.10, when we arrive at the entrance to the terminal we hear the noise of many people inside, but the traffic at the exit flows steadily and there are two active windows for the biometric inspection. The workers who return from the night shift are taken care of quickly. One of those going through tells us about his 62 year old uncle who has worked in Israel for many years. Recently someone informed on him that his permit was invalidated and he became a 'forbidden [entry into Israel] person by the General Security Services'.


7.05 Shaked CP

The CP is manned but the soldiers are still struggling with all the internal and external gatesinfo-icon of the CP. There is a perennial problem with a lock that does not open. One of the soldiers passes easily through the fence from one side to the other; do they really need this internal fence? One of the officers explains to us that there is expensive equipment in the inspection room, and the 'problem is being taken care of'. People and cars are waiting on both sides of the CP.

At 7.20, at long last, people from the seamline zone are allowed to enter the compound but they are still waiting near the inspection room. At 7.25 people from the West Bank are also allowed to enter and there is now a crowd and a lot of noise near the turnstile. About 30 people are waiting. A herd of goats are the first to go through with no problems. At 7.30 they begin to allow people and cars to go through in both directions. The passage is orderly and quick.