Huwwara, Thu 12.7.12, Morning

Naomi Bentzur, Yehudit Katz, Bruria Rosenwaks (reporting) Translator: Charles K.

We took Highway 5 toward Za’tara; the traffic police were active along the road. There were dogs again in the Za’tara parking lot, but we didn’t see them inspecting any cars. The checkpoint was empty; no cars were being inspected.


The Huwwara checkpoint was open. A Hummer was parked at the Yizhar junction and there was considerable military vehicle traffic on the main road.


The villages were very quiet; people must have been asleep after eating breakfast at 4 AM. The women waited for us at the club in Hars; we held English and knitting classes. Next week only the high school students and the women learning knitting will come; the older women told us it’s difficult for them to attend.