'Anata-Shu'afat, Qalandiya, Mon 25.7.12, Morning

Marcia L.,Ronny P., Noah N. and Bailey (visitors)
Qalandiya 5 am
It was clear right away that it is Ramadan. People were quiet and tired looking and it felt that the authorities  want this month to pass without any events. And so it was the usual  only that people didn't run from the turnstile to the checking area.There were also fewer people on line.
A man was selling green ID covers and his advertisement was that this will help you to avoid one hassle you get  and that is that your ID doesn't look tidy.
That was not the picture and feeling we got at Anata/Shuafat refugee camp. The new wall  and the depressing squalor and some kind of tension in the air- the anxiety of what the future holds for the 80 000 people in these 5 neighbourhoods and the  monstous checkpoint. Marcia counted 9 signs telling you/prohibiting the people - don't  walk in groups but one by one, don't take pictures, hold your documents in your hand so that the procedure is efficient, don't eat, don't drink etc - all this on the background of the most  overwhelming chaos and lack of order.
Our visitor from Canada  told us that this is a piece of Israel story she never knew of