Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir, Mon 23.7.12, Morning

Ravital Sela, Rocheleh Hayut (reporting and photographing), A., guest from Scotland

Translator:  Charles K.


11:30  Bezeq checkpoint.

We crossed.


11:50  Hamra checkpoint – Hot!!!

There’s a new netting above the position shading the soldiers and cars crossing east.  The mobile scanner is in place. 

A huge bulldozer parks near the guard tower.  After 12:00 laborers arrive from their jobs in the settlements, some in buses, others in vans and cars.  All cross west without being delayed.

People carrying shopping bags cross eastward.  A taxi, loaded with bags and suitcases of people leaving to visit relatives in Jordan.  Festively-dressed parents and a newborn infant…

A resident of Farus Beit-Dajan told us about water wagons that had been confiscated from him, and asked us to help him.  We called Jamila, who explained how they handle the issue of confiscated water wagons (which, of course, is complicated).  Meanwhile the man continued on his way without leaving a phone number or letting us put him in touch with Jamila.

Five or six huge trucks went through the checkpoint while we were there, each transporting a tank or something similar to a tank but without a turret.

12:30  We left.


Alon Road (Highway 578)

The long berm “oversees” the road.  The gatesinfo-icon are locked.  Fields opposite the Ro’i settlement have been prepared for planting.  They’re fenced, with rows of irrigation lines on their surface.


12:50  Tayasir checkpoint

Flags of the Kfir brigade fly from every pole: “Lions…Together Victorious.”  Laborers returning from work here as well, crossing westward to the West Bank.  A few people in taxis traveling east.

We went up to the position.  The commander – the First Sergeant who chased us away last time, insists now also.

We promised to leave, since he has the power and the weapons, but told him we have permission in principle to stand next to the position.  It’s obvious he wants to start a discussion.  “Since the checkpoints were erected there haven’t been any attacks…that’s a fact!”  They attack us because we’re Jews – why else?

He teaches us what he said he learned in his high school geography (“I took the advanced geography course – 5 units) and history classes about the Jordan  Valley:  “It’s ours!!!  It always has been, always will be.”  As always, the discussion leads nowhere.  It’s hard for the soldier, he’s young, he really knows only what he’s been taught.  The discussion is quiet, respectful, it exposes him to a different point of view about the situation.

13:15  We left.


13:30  Bezeq checkpoint

The guard asks about the Machsom Watch badge, and raises the gate.