Reihan, Shaked, Sun 15.7.12, Morning

Yochi A., Ruthi T.

Translation: Bracha B.A.



All the gatesinfo-icon are open and at 07:02 the first person arrives from the West Bank. After a minute the herd of goats passes through.  One of the people tells us that the soldiers serving at the checkpoint are pleasant, particularly a woman who works in the inspection room and greets everyone politely with "good morning" in Arabic.

We note this to a policewoman who takes an interest and immediately looks up the Machsom Watch website on her IPhone.  No, she has not yet had to check school bags belonging to small children on their way to school with weapons dangling next to their heads.  "What? Small children are a sensitive issue with me," she says.


07:40-08:40 – Reihan Barta'a Checkpoint

We went to have a cup of coffee with Hadi in the Palestinian parking lot.  About 10 cars and 6 vans with merchandise are waiting to be checked.  A taxi with women and children arrives from the West Bank.  People arrive constantly and enter in groups of five without any delays. The parking lot is filling up and Hadi suggests that we move our car before it gets blocked in.  On our way back to the seamline zone the trunk of our car is checked.  People coming up the sleeveinfo-icon inform us that things are moving quickly and they came through the terminal in 5-6 minutes. At 08:30 ten cars emerge all at once from the vehicle inspection facility and all the workers who have been waiting for them are picked up quickly.