Reihan, Shaked, Mon 25.6.12, Morning

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Leah R., Ana N.S.

Shaked—Turta checkpoint

Near the new traffic light, a pedestrian crossing is added today. Field workers from Karmiel were brought in for this. (How much does is cost us?)

Soldiers arrive a few minutes before 7:00 and within 10 minutes the checkpoint is up and going. Most of those crossing the checkpoint come from the West Bank and go to the Seam Line zone , a few cross over at this time in the direction of the West Bank. Pace is reasonable.


By 07:25 we've observed 26 people crossing.


07:35 The new Barta'a checkpoint

Taxis fill up the site, workers arrive in cabs and immediately walk inside the terminal. One minutes later we see them at the sleeveinfo-icon.

We were told that the checkpoint opened at 05:00 and since 08:00 about 500 people had crossed over, including about 80 seamstresses.


08:15 We left together with Ali..