'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 14.5.12, Morning

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Lea R., Anna N. S.

Translating Dvora K.


06:10 A'anin Agricultural CP

More than forty people are waiting to go through the gate in the middle of the CP. The soldiers are examining people with bags, inspecting every small part of the tractor: "Those are watermelon seeds", says a young man to the woman soldier. "What are these sticks?" she asks another fellow."They are for short vines", he replies.

From a distance we see that they are not letting people transfer two medium sized bags and a container of salted cheese on a tractor. The owner of the tractor tries to convince the soldiers to let him go through. It doesn't work. Afterwards, he says, "Those are vine leaves, a kilo, half a kilo, why does it matter?'

Neither do we understand why they made a fuss over that.

The cows are still going crazy in the agricultural areas of the residents of A'anin. Perhaps this time it is only on days when they cannot leave A'anin. The farmers discover the consequences only on the next day. "They broke vines in my vineyard<" says M. who arrives this time without a tractor in order to save on fuel.

The woman who has a permit to work in the seamline zone tries to go through with her two children, and she is refused as she was last week. We are forced to explain to her, again, the occupier's stand in this matter, and she argues with us, as if we are responsible for controlling her life.


07:00 Tura ('Shaked') CP

The CP is going through a serious 'facelift'. An expansion and beautifying with fences and metal margins; as if it is intended for it never to retreat from here. The development work has not yet been completed and heavy equipment is standing in wait.

Vehicles are permitted to go through to the West Bank and to come in the other direction. People adapt quickly to the changes and go through the new sleeveinfo-icon. All together a few dozen people have gone through from each side in half an hour.

A tall soldier tells us, in relation to the occupation, ' Your generation created the problem and did not solve it; and we are suffering from it now." He is absolutely right.


07:40 New Barta'a CP

The parking lot is filling up all the time; people leave for work, the passage is quick. Those who go through with equipment have to have an additional inspection.

Seven vehicles and pickup trucks are on the road waiting to be called for inspection in addition to those in the parking lot. There is nothing to relieve the boredom of the occupation routine here, except for the change in the flourishing landscape around us.

08:00 We leave.