Shaked, Sat 2.6.12, Morning

Rachela H. and Noa L. (reporting)

Translating Dvora K.


Tura-Shaked 07:30- 08:30

In the area of the CP  building and expansion go on. Pedestrians go quickly through the new sleeveinfo-icon in both directions.

The CP gate is locked and a number of cars are waiting nearby. It does not seem as if they intend to open it. The soldiers are sitting calmly in their positions. Those waiting do not know why. In one vehicle there are many students who must get to an examination today. We called the Brigade Menashe and we were answered quickly and courteously: "The lock on the gate is out of order, they cannot open it, someone is being sent to take care of it. The problem will soon be solved." We passed the information on to the people waiting; In the meantime, time is passing, and the worried students turn back and drive away. Another soldier arrives and he too tries to open the lock but does not succeed. It is a simple lock hanging on a chain, and questions come up: Why don't they explain what this is about to those waiting? Why don't they cut the chain? Where is the famous creativity of our empire?

Time passes and there does not seem to be any repair activity on the horizon. We called the brigade again, and again there was a quick and courteous response to the effect that they will arrive immediately.


At half past eight, we had to leave and so we did not see when the gate opened and we could not visit Reihan.

From a highly dependable source we learned that the gate was opened at long last at 09:40 (we do not know by what technological means.)