Mevo Dotan (Imriha), Reihan, Shaked, Sun 24.6.12, Morning

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Ruthy T., Hassida S. (reporting)

Translating Dvora K.


Shaked CP 07:07

Imagine that there is a paved boundary line between the neighborhood of the Ulpana and another neighborhood in Beth El, with fenced lanes, traffic lights and different kinds of huts; in which there are policemen and soldiers who inspect visas and vehicle licenses. That is what the Shaked CP looks like – separating the Palestinian village of Tura from the nearby Palestinian village of Daher el Malek. Soon a beautiful garden will flourish there and the administration will be transferred to a private company.


When we arrived the CP was empty, except for one student who stood at the opening of the sleeveinfo-icon on his way to the West Bank. We heard a noise and from a distance we saw the yellow gate on the Tura side being opened. A few minutes afterwards, a Hummer arrived and then we also saw soldiers. Two students, the banker and the children's driver (without children) – went through from the side of the seamline zone, following the procedure of parking, walking to the inspection and presenting the documents, and coming back, starting the car and driving into the CP where the vehicle is inspected. On the other side, a few workers went through. It was all done quietly and in a highly orderly manner. All the people are trained and the routine of the occupation is carried out festively.


Reihan CP 07:50

At the top of the sleeve many cars are waiting for the workers and tradesmen of Barta'a who are coming from the West Bank. Six people are sitting on a bench, waiting for the cars that brought them and are now being inspected in a place that nobody can see. When we return from the Dothan CP, they will still be sitting there. We went down the sleeve a bit and we observed a Palestinian taxi out of which a few dressed up women emerged. There were also a happy little girl and two men dressed in black. Each of the people presents a document on a tray with a camerainfo-icon above it. To me it looked as if they were going to Jordan, but that is only a guess.

The lower parking lot is almost full. One loaded truck and some more private cars are waiting to be called for document inspection.


Dothan CP 08:00

We left a package for a child on the road to the village of Ameriha and we went through the field in which men and women worked bending down. They were apparently weeding or thinning the rows of plants. Not far from them, in a nearby field, which was already harvested, there was a military jeep, and near it there were armed soldiers supervising the workers.

The CP itself is manned. We saw eight cars waiting from the direction of the West Bank. A few cars were waiting from our direction as well. The passage was quite steady. Not all the cars going to Reihan were inspected.

In a short conversation with a lieutenant who approached us, he explained why the CP was opened only at seven o'clock: that is when the residents of Mavo Dothan set out to take care of their affairs and they have to be guarded against stone throwers. Ruthy tried to explain to him why they throw stones, and that the area is occupied territory and we are posted on their land; but it does not look as if he was impressed. He has a task and that is what is important. Ruthy invited him to watch the TV film 'Rule of Law' in the evening. Maybe some new ideas will occur to the fellow who seems to be intelligent.


Reihan 08:20

We passed the parking lot which was already completely full. In the compound of the preliminary vehicle inspection we saw a truck that passed us in Dothan.

Does anybody know where they take the garbage that passed Reihan and Dothan in an articulated truck, and left a terrible smell behind it? Where do they bury the garbage from Israel?