Reihan, Shaked, Sat 23.6.12, Morning

Rochale H., Noah L. (reporting)

0720-0750 Tura –Shaked checkpoint

The checkpoint, which up until now seemed temporary (and Amen for that), has turned these days into a fortified, built-up site, including street lights!

The place is busy, people come and go, without delays. Despite that, someone tells us,"This is the worst checkpoint" and went on without explaining why. One person with a horse and buggy tells us, in Hebrew, of the difficulties cultivating his land inside the Seam Line zone versus working the land in the Palestinian areas, adding a few words regarding the requisition of some of his land for putting up the fence. It is unclear as to what he's talking about. People cross over, dressed in festive attire, perhaps there is an event on the other side.


0800 – 0820 Reihan-Barta'a

The checkpoint is busy as ever. Lively traffic on both sides, with no delays that we observe. The men coming out of inspection, holding their belts in their hands; we haven't seen that in a while.