Leila S. and Hanah H.

6:30 -7:45


6:30 – Reihan checkpoint

Workers who have arrived from the West Bank come up the sleeveinfo-icon and scatter to various vehicles which are waiting for them.

"All is well".

B. tells us that is the last few days there were problems at the Jalame checkpoint, loud arguments between workers and inspectors because they are being sent back and forth with passage notes inside the terminal, from one stage to the other.

On the bench we met a worker who was separated from his peers while a large group of women was taken inside ahead of him and so he missed his transportation to work.


7:15 Shaked checkpoint

Inspection begins only at this time.

Five minutes later a woman comes out with two children, on their way to hospital in Israel.

By the turnstile on the Tura side (West Bank) many people crowed and the first one comes out only at 7:25.

Vehicles going in both directions enter inspection only at 7:30.