Abu Dis, Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Tue 5.6.12, Morning

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Idit S., Anat T. (reporting)


6:40 Sheikh Saed
Again the problem of crossing the checkpoint to the hill above in order to meet those waiting.  The soldiers are new to the area, and are not familiar with our organisation, and at the envelope headquarters those on duty have not heard of our activities.  At police and border-police headquarters they are certain that we are not permitted to cross, and they require a direct order from the DCO.  We insist, and call the humanitarian centre on the direct line to the person at Civil Administration in charge of the Abu Dis area -- at first we fail to reach him.  Next we call Hanna Barag.  Finally their combined efforts bear fruit. 
Actually, the checkpoint functions relatively smoothly, without unnecessary checks of children.
8:00 Drive through Silwan 
Derelict road, and extensive work near the City of David.  Police presence at the top of Ein Hilweh St., but no vehicles are stopped.
8:30 Olive Terminal
Most of the toilets are not locked, and their condition is better than the last few weeks, but clean it's not. 
We meet a man on his way to Augusta Victoria for a week of chemotheraphy -- weak, barely able to move, with a walker and a catheter.  His wife accompanies him. It doesn't occur to anyone to let this poor man cross in a vehicle.  No one answers a call to the outer station of the checkpoint; we want to ask them to open the humanitarian gate.  Only after a call to the checkpoint commander does a female soldier arrive to open the gate.  From here on, his crossing is  anticipated, and they open the inner humanitarian gate for him.