Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Wed 23.5.12, Morning

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Tammie C. Dalia G (reporting)

 Natanya translating.



Report on the seam zone.

In response to the request of the people of the nursery and the Bedouin we went to the nursery next to the Habla gateand spoke to the local people.

The Eliyahu checkpoint is a serious obstacle and problem which has not been solved. The finger of accusation points at the CP manager, Shimon Levy.      

A sick person in a wheelchair arrived at the CP. he was allowed to cross and was forced to travel to the Eyal crossing. 

The intenti on is to lodge a complaint to those responsible for him at the Ministry of Security. The man (Shimon Levy) was gravely wounded in an attack some years ago. He lay between life and death. That is evidently the reason why he sees every Palestinian as a potential terrorist. Therefore and as a result of his inhuman behavior one has to demand that he should be replaced.                                                         

Whoever has evidence of Shimon Levy’s behavior at the checkpoints of Eyal or Eliyahu is requested to send me a list of complaints.  It seems to be that Hanna is the person to deal with this. But before that we need the material, collection of all the evidence.

At Habla gate there is a Border policewoman who used to harass the people. Because of Hanna’s devoted treatment she received a good dose of “training” and therefore behaves differently.  Thank you to Hanna from the people who use this CP.

In conversation there was much bitterness and together with that some soldiers were mentioned favorably. To that conversation joined some policemen who see their duty as a mission – to help the Palestinians. They made an impression on us of their intentions and desire to help. We made a note of their names and of where they are stationed.