Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Wed 20.6.12, Morning

Netanya, Yeal (reports), Diran


Translated by Naomi S.


Meytar Checkpoint 

the last workers are leaving the parking lot, on their way to work. The Palestinian end is empty.

One bus with prisoners' families is waiting on the Israeli end, while the families are waiting in the shade to be checked.

Route 60

Empty and quiet, in the fields the harvest is finished and the yield is being gathered.

Children are on holiday, so the side road is empty too.



Empty and quiet, no international volunteers to be seen at checkpoints and only one vehicle with UN observers is parked next to the TARPAT checkpoint.

At the beginning of the slope of the Shouhada st., on the war of the cemetery, we found a new signpost announcing a biblical route. 

The markings of the route are done (without permission!) with the familiar markings of the Cross-Israel route. Chutzpeh!

On our way back, no special events noted either.


We recommend commencing summer shifts later in the day, perhaps even in the afternoon. Our devoted driver says we may then see something.