'Anin, Shaked, Mon 11.6.12, Morning

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Leah R., Anna N-S.

Translator:  Charles K.


06:20  A’anin agricultural gate

It appears that a few permits have been renewed, and we see another 20 men and women waiting at this hour after about 20 residents of the villageof A’aninhave already crossed to the seam zone.  The DCO representative is on site, which may be why things run relatively efficiently.  The female soldier is the one about whose behavior residents complained last week.  They’re not willing to put up with a young female soldier interrogating an elderly landowner in a provocative manner and deciding whether to allow him to cross to his land.

A man comes through holding a wrinkled bag. “She [the soldier] says, ‘what’s in your pocket [bag, in Arabic]? There’s no attempt at all to preserve people’s dignity.


A man complains that a garbage contractor from Mei Ami (a Jewish locality adjoining the separation fence) has for years been dumping garbage in his grove.  What hasn’t he done; whom hasn’t he spoken to – nothing helped.  Sometimes they burn the garbage and the stench is terrible.  It also damages the trees. 

Another man says, “On Thursday they turned children back again.  They weren’t allowed to cross with their parents.” We don’t know whether the parents had an agricultural permit or a work permit, but the anger grows nevertheless.  Isn’t there any way to work out an arrangement to take care of it?


07:10  Tura – Shaked checkpoint

Children are on vacation until September 1, 2012. The checkpoint is in order. The gate to the fenced corridor leading to the inspection station in the middle of the checkpoint is locked.  People are waiting for a soldier to open it.  A few dozen people wait on both sides of the checkpoint.  Those crossing to the West Bankare mostly workers and young students.  Inspection takes a relatively long time, given the nature of the procedure.  A youth tells us, “If they weren't delayed us, how would we know we’re under occupation?”


07:30  New Barta’a checkpoint (“Reihan”)

It’s crowded at this hour, with workers crossing to their jobs and others returning home from a night shift. A few pickup trucks wait for their loads to be inspected.  Crossing goes quickly. When a military vehicle goes through everything stops until it crosses the checkpoint. Who’s the boss here; who’s supposed to wait for whom?


08:00 We left.