Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Wed 13.6.12, Afternoon

Orit L., Raya Y.


Translated by C. Kamen

The whole area dozes this afternoon, from the Meitar crossing, along the roads and there’s also a woeful quiet in Hebron itself.  No soldiers next to the fenced-off Beit HaMachpela; maybe they’re taking an afternoon nap?  No one on the street; not even a dog wanders through the depressing blight and desolation.


A merchant from Bethlehem sits in ‘Abed’s shop opposite the Cave of the Patriarchs, telling him that business is bad – no customers, the tourists buy little and they themselves make do with little.  The situation isn’t easy and he’s worried.  Apparently the recession is beginning to have an effect.


Near Dahariya the kabab was perfect, the tea excellent.


Another normal day in an unbearable region.