Petah Tikva - Holding and trading of combat materiel, Remand Extension

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Ada Heilbronn (reporting)

Translation: L.W.

Judge: Major Itai Regev

Investigator: Sergeant Major Hashem Halabi

Defense attorneys: Abu Wassell, Raed Mahamid (from the Prisoners' Club), Sama'an

(from Mahmoud Hassan's office), Louis Huwari (private - hired by family)

(Ra'ed Mahamid tells me that Al Jazeera frequently and admiringly mentions the activities of the women of MachsomWatch.)

Advc. Sama'an complains to the judge about difficulties placed in his way by the commanders of the detention centre when he asks to meet detaineesinfo-icon after their prohibition has been lifted. The judge notes in his written decisions that the attorney is to be allowed to meet with them already today. He tells the attorney that he hopes this will help.

Hearings begin at 10:00. The warders treat the detainees with relative delicacy. Today they are not towed out by their shirts while still listening to the judge's decision and dealing with their lawyers.

It appears that conditions in Petah Tikva Detention Centre are particularly problematic, and there have been recent decisions to transfer minors and ill detainees to other detention centres.

At 10:35, the well remembered Barak Ya'ish (see report 23.7.08) arrives, whereupon the so exceptional Petach Tikva behaviour worsens.

The tenth detainee, Said Yunes Mahmoud Amaro, with amputated foot, totters on two crutches. I do not know when his foot was amputated, but his face expresses suffering as he walks. When he walked down the steps, the warders covered his eyes "according to regulations" and dragged him by his arms (according to Advc. Ra'ed who was present when Amaro was removed from the courtroom).

The judge notes to the investigator that there are relatively fewer detainees this year than in previous years (???).

There are 12 detainees, 2 of whom are prohibited (from meeting a lawyer).

1.  Abdulla Ibrahim Abed el Hafez Fukha, ID 851936161, Dir Sharaf, arrested 15.7.08, request: 16 days extention of remand in custody.

Decision: the detainee is to be moved to another interrogation centre if his presence is not required for the investigation.

Remand 16 days.

2. Ahmad Halil Muhammad Mahlouf, ID 921566477, Nablus, arrested 18.7.08,

request: 8 days remand

Advocate Abu Wassell

Decision: 8 days extension of custody.

3. Amin Hatem Amin Mansour, ID 853440691, Nablus, arrested 25.7.08,

request: 8 days

(16 year old minor, barely shaves)

Advocate Ra'ed Mahamid

Decision: 8 days.

For the first time since I have been observing here, the warder allowed the detainee to finish a conversation with his lawyer and didn't drag him out by his shirt. Is this a new era?

4. Abed el Jabar Salim Musa Saris, ID 850472259, Nablus, arrested 14.7.08,

request: 16 days

Advocate Abu Wassell

Decision: the detainee will be transferred to Salem for submission of indictment.

Remand 16 days.

5. Islam Haled Hassan Ahmad, ID 850014507, Balata Refugee Camp, arrested 16.7.08, request: 16 days

Advocate Abu Wassell

Decision: 16 days.

6. Muhammad Yunes Muhammad Amro, ID 9509016007, Dura, arrested 10.7.08,

request: 16 days

Investigator: the detainee was prohibited until today. Prohibition was lifted in order to transfer the file to the prosecution. He is accused of manufacturing explosive charges and was arrested in his home. 

Advocate Sama'an

Decision: 16 days.

7. Ahmad Said Ahmad Amro, ID 851597161, Dura-HebronNablus, arrested 10.7.08,

request: 16 days

Advocate Sama'an

Judge's decision: 16 days. Requests transfer to another detention centre for preparation of the file for prosecution.

8. Kamil Juad Naif Abdi, ID 852373984, Yaabed, arrested 15.7.08,

request: 16 days

Prohibited for 5 days from 20.7.08

Advocate Ra'ed Mahamid

Decision: 12 days.

9.Saher Hassan Muhammad Mansara, ID 851103978, Bani Naim, arrested 22.7.08,

request: 16 days

Advocate Abu Wassell: the detainee is 16 and a half. He had a tiny part in an attempted attack. He only kept watch. His mother is terminally ill. He asks that the detainee be allowed to talk to her on the phone.

He has been prohibited since his arrest until today. The prohibition was lifted today.

Decision: 16 days.

Recommendation to the investigating authority to allow the detainee to phone his mother under conditions to be set by the investigating team.

10. Said Yunes Muhamad Amro, ID 850746769, arrested 10.7.08,

request 16 days.

(Last week his remand was extended for a week. Today the request is for 16 days.)

Advocate Sama'an: requests in the name of the detainee that he be transferred to Ofer, where the route to the courtroom is easier for him. The detainee is an amputee - right foot, and the walking causes considerable suffering, particularly up and down the stairs. He also requests that the judge orders the warders to be considerate of the detainee's physical challenge when they bring him in and out of the courtroom.

Investigator: the detainee is suspected of manufacturing and placing explosives.

Decision: 16 days.

11.Prohibited Samah Muhamad Awad Daher Sharbati, ID 937181279, Hebron,

arrested 23.7.08,

request: 15 days

Prohibited for three days from 29.7.08

Advc. Ra'ed

Decision: 15 days.

12.  Prohibited Tamer Muhamad Ma'arouf Alivi, ID 851956789, Nablus, arrested 21.7.08, request: 16 days

Prohibited for 3 days from 29.7.08 

Advocate Ra'ed.

Decision: 16 days.