Reihan, Shaked, Wed 6.6.12, Morning

Marejka and Vivyan



Marejka and I were at Shaked and Rihan today and we had a very interesting time.

Arrived 8.45 Shaked. All fine. No problems. Very few people. School holidays have begun. A young man approached us and asked if in our organisation somebody could help  him with getting electricity and water. Where do you live, we asked? Khirbet el Mountar. Would you like to come and see? So off we went.


It is a hamlet on a hill on the way to Rihan very close to the fence and with an antenna right close to his property.  His grandfather, Yusuf Hussein Zaid got the property of some 50-60 dunams from his granfather. They have a kustan. The grandfather had 4 children. Now there are 9 families with 3 houses and 37 people all together. They collect rainwater which is depleted by about May and then they have to buy water and somebody brings it to them. They have 2 generators which run on diesel and they use them from 19.30 to 21.30.  


All the adults have magnetic cards and can cross to Barta'a. One brother has an ishur for Israel. School is in Zabda. Kupat Cholim  and pharmacy in Yabed. They can visit their friends but their friends from Zabda cannot visit them. They cook with gas and the fridge runs on gas. They have a lawyer in Cfar Ara and Cfar Sinan (a Druse) and between them they have sent about 8-12 letters to Matak asking for electricity and water. They have never received a reply. They used to walk to Zabda which took about 5 minutes and then in 2003 the fence separated them from Zabda and now they have to go by car. The electricity poles are very close to their property and the water pipe taking water to Rihan passes by on the road which is also very close by


We arrived in Rihan checkpoint at 10.45 and stayed until 11.45. There were 15 lorries waiting and as we arrived 4 went in for checking. When we left 12 were waitng and there were no drivers as they had parked ready for tomorrow.