Reihan, Shaked, Sun 3.6.12, Morning

Rutie T., Yochie A. (reporting)

7:00 Shaked-Tura checkpoint


The soldiers open the gatesinfo-icon on time. A few pupils and adults already wait; the little ones didn't come today. Apparently this is exam time, the students hold books and memorize.


7:05 Students cross.


7:08 Adults go through as well. There is heavy traffic of pedestrians and vehicles. A line is formed in front of the inspection cabin. Transportation brings over a group of teachers. The banker two enters walking for inspection of his papers, returns to his car and drives off to the West Bank.

Construction goes on. A new inspection post covered with an awning is in place. A high sand wall along the new pedestrian path has been completed.


7:45 We left.