Reihan, Shaked, Sat 26.5.12, Morning

Shula N., Noa L. (reporting)

0730-0800 Tura-Shaked

Construction goes on. A new post for the guards was added under the tent. It looks as if the end is nowhere in sight and there are more construction plans.


Pedestrians and vehicles cross from one side to the other. There is no one waiting in front of the gatesinfo-icon. Those coming out of the inspection cabin tell us that many are waiting inside and the soldiers are not in a hurry: They play with their cell phones and with the computer. The inspection computer gets stuck from time to time and they turn to hand registration, and since it hasn't been recorded on the computer that one had crossed , he might have difficulties upon returning.


0810-0840 Barta'a

Heavy traffic on both sides. Vehicles coming from the West Bank are inspected like in old times, outside and in front of the vehicles' inspection post. It is unclear why. There are no one waiting outside the gates but we are told that there are many waiting inside. Passage time for crossing from the West Bank into the Seam Line zone is about half an hour.