Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), Thu 24.5.12, Morning

Diran, Yael (reporting)


Translator:  Charles K.





The last of the laborers hurry through.  The peddlers tell us that lately the crossing has closed at 7:30 in the morning, until evening, in protest against the stench of sewage in the area.  We saw it close as soon as the bus carrying relatives of prisoners had been inspected.



The city is quiet.  The information stand opposite Beit HaMeriva is deserted and dirty.  Only one female settler watches over the empty tents.  There’s no one to explain to.


Anat welcomes us opposite Beit Hadassah with her usual curses; right behind her, opposite the soldiers’ position, we meet two CPT volunteers.  One of them, Petahya, is crying; she tells us that Anat had just fallen upon her, yelling, and then kicked her.  We see the red mark on her calf; she’s particularly angry at the soldier who’d just stood there without intervening.  We try to interrogate the soldier, and the sergeant who’d also joined him.  The soldier said he’d spoken to her, which is why she’d left.  The sergeant demonstrates how the soldier responded, this time to us, off-handedly.  So we left Petahya, who had decided to complain to the police, which made her feel better.


The schools are giving exams, the pupils finish early, and as we left we saw them walking home along Highway 60.


Shayukh-Sa’ir – The entrance to the village from Highway 60 is open to vehicles.  An army jeep that had been parked at the junction was no longer there when we returned from Tarqumiyya.