Tayasir, Tue 22.5.12, Afternoon

Revital S., Rachela H. (Reporting and Photographs)

Translation: Bracha B.A.


We drove through the Bezek Checkpoint at 11:45.


Three tanks with camouflage netting between them are parked west of the Alon Road, with soldiers sitting next to them. There is an unfamiliar excavation west of the embankment, five kilometers north of the Hamra Junction.  (See photograph)


Hamra Checkpoint – 12:15

The plastic roadblock that was here previously is still here, and a sergeant from the "Machatz" brigade greets us. He only asks that we avoid entering the area and disturbing the soldiers at their work. He returns to his position near the road and makes a phone call.

There is light traffic: workers' transport vehicles are driving west, and a few taxis are going eastward. The baggage x-ray vehicle was not in operation while we were there. 

We left at 13:00.


13:15 – Tayasir Checkpoint

We went up to the position. We met a commanding officer from the Machatz brigade and soldiers from the Kfit Brigade, who were religious soldiers with earlocks.  They greeted us and offered us something to drink.  Here, too, there was very little traffic.   Woman students and teachers were going eastward, but we didn't see the school children today.  We left at 13:45.


14:00 – Bezek Checkpoint

This time we were not asked any questions and were greeted with only a glance before the mechanical arm of the checkpoint lifted. 

We were alone on the road here as well.