'Azzun 'Atma, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Mon 14.5.12, Morning

Dafna S., Nina S. (reporting)



06:30 'Azzun-'Atma: Over one hundred people in a line, which is consistently growing although the passage seems to be smooth. Early rise kids on their way to school.

Two inspection booths and an external merchandise- inspection booth were operating. We timed passage: it took one person 35 minutes to get through.

We noticed two soldiers who strayed off into the 'Azzun-'Atma fields along the fence – apparently to hunt people who try to get through holes in the fence. No apparent results.


At 07:00 the line seemed to diminish. We went on to Tamar Gate, which was already closed off. We were scolded by an officer for using a prohibited road.


07:35 Za'tara: Two soldiers occasionally check a car, asking for documents. This instantaneously causes huge queues from the Nablus direction. We can't see why the traffic is not directed into the parallel lane???


08:00 Huwwara: All the lanes were open, no soldiers were present, except for uphill to Har Berakha – a single soldier standing all alone. On the way back through Za'atra we saw two inactive Magav soldiers.