Reihan, Shaked, Wed 25.4.12, Morning

Viviean S.B., Marika, Nava R. (reporting)

08:40 Shaked-Tura checkpoint

Work continues on the site. A new roundabout is being built as well as other facilities for the welfare of both Palestinians and the soldiers.

Due to the construction work, inspection is done outdoors.

Only a few people walked through, perhaps it has to do with the closureinfo-icon, for the Israeli Memorial day. (Soldiers on site are reserve soldiers which is a considerable positive change. They asked to talk with us and learn about "Machsom Watch".)


On the way to the Barta'a's checkpoint, near the road sign directing drivers to the settlements in the Seam Line zone and over the fence, to the Shahak industrial zone and the Dotan valley farm, we saw a new sign advertizing sales of new houses in the settlement of Hermesh, on the other side of the separation fence. (see pictures).


09:40 Reihan_Barta'a checkpoint

Despite the fact that passage into the Seam Line zone is allowed even on days of closure, not all the merchants of Barta'a had arrived.

The Palestinian car park was not full. Only a few crossed the vehicles inspection area. Within one hour eight trucks and one van have waited for inspection


We left at 10:55, not wanting to be in the checkpoint in time for the Memorial siren.


We drove back through Barta'a. The main street was busy and lively.